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Limited Time Only! – 20% off all services valued at $100 or more for first-time clients! 
*Not valid with Stylist, B. Avery*

Plus – Our salon features an ongoing 10% discount for all service men and women, as well as an ongoing 15% discount for all clients when you purchase 3 or more B. Avery signature prodcuts!

San Antonio Hair Services

Hair Services

B. Avery Salon & Barbershop treats its clients to the finer things in life. Offering some of the highest-end luxury hair services, we cater to women and men alike. We can help you whether you’re looking for a major change or something simple. Our experienced master stylist, colorist, and instructor oversee each of our hair services.

Enjoy your next color treatment, haircut, or styling session right here. We will keep your hair healthy with all-natural products.

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is the easiest way to transform your look. Having your hair dyed by a professional colorist helps you achieve desirable results. The B. Avery Salon & Barbershop team has spent years mastering hair coloring science and color theory. Our members know which shade of blonde works best with your skin tone. They also understand how to perform any color correction effectively. So whether you want a natural or fantasy color, entrust your hair to our team.


  • Add-On Color Lock & Smooth Treatment: $40
  • Toner For After Lightening: $25
  • Men’s Hair Bleach-Out With Master B. Avery: $75+
  • Men’s Bleach-Out With Junior Colorist: $55
  • Men’s Color (Deposit Only): $50
  • Glaze Demi Deposit: $70
  • Color Retouch With Master B. Avery: $85
  • Color Retouch With Junior Stylist: $75
  • Color Retouch With Senior Colorist: $60
  • Partial Color Retouch: $25
  • Bleach Retouch With Master B. Avery: $95
  • Full Color With Master B. Avery: $120
  • All-Over Bleach-Out With Master Colorist: $130+
  • Accent Highlight With Master B. Avery: $80
  • Partial Foil Highlight With Junior Colorist: $125+
  • Partial Foil Highlight With Master B. Avery: $160+
  • Full Foil Highlight With Junior Colorist: $150+
  • Full Foil Highlight With Master B. Avery: $200+
  • Heavy Foil Highlights With Junior Colorist: $175+
  • Heavy Foil Highlights With Master B. Avery: $250+


Balayage yields fantastic results. B. Avery Salon & Barbershop specializes in several balayage techniques. These include root shadows, color melts, balayage with clay, and balayage with foils. We can help you add sunkissed lightness and depth to your hair in any way. Some clients like a lot of lightness, whereas others prefer more depth. The options for customization are what make balayage so wonderful.


  • Color Melt With Master B. Avery: $115
  • Reserve Balayage: $185
  • Ombre With Master B. Avery: $250+
  • Partial Balayage With Master Colorist: 160+
  • Full Balayage With Master Colorist: $200+
  • Heavy Full Balayage With Master Colorist: $275+

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions add length and body to any hair type. B. Avery Salon & Barbershop offers Hairdreams Extensions, Nano-Links, and men’s hair extensions. All are long-lasting options and easy for our stylists to apply. Regardless of why you want hair extensions, they are an investment, and every client gets their money’s worth.


  • Hairdreams Extensions: $1,200+
  • Hairdreams Removal: $300+
  • Nano-Link/I-Tip: $600+
  • Nano-Link Extension Installation: $300
  • Tape Extension Removal: $150
  • Men’s Custom Toupee & Fitting: $150
  • Toupee Maintenance: $85
  • Nano-Link Extensions ($10 A Piece): $350+

Brazilian Blowouts

Blowouts help you get ready for any event with minimal effort. B. Avery Salon & Barbershop offers blowout services for short and long hair. Each takes an hour or less. Just show up and we will do the rest. Our styling team can create both sleek and wavy styles alike. It’s all about helping you feel special for the occasion.


  • Short & Medium Hair: $40
  • Long Hair: $50
  • Extra-Long Hair: $60
  • Blowouts By Monique (Blowout Queen): $40


Styling is one of our favorite things to do. Our products, hot tools, and blow-dryers protect your hair. Each of our stylists can help you create stunning updos and down-dos for every occasion. They also offer bridal hair trials, so you can plan your big day. Best of all? We come to you! Stay home and relax as you get ready!

  • Single Bridal Hair Trial: $33.33
  • Silk Press: $65
  • Thermal Styling (Curls Only): $40
  • Travel Hair Styling: $100
  • Updo: $80+
  • Down-Do: $65


Haircuts customize your look. At B. Avery Salon & Barbershop, we offer haircut services for women and men alike. Whether we’re removing split ends, creating bangs, or working with curly hair, we have you covered. Each of our haircut services is high-end. We take our time and use more than scissors and combs. Our salon has special tools to give your hair the luxurious texture it deserves.


  • Neck & Bang Tim With Master Stylist: $12
  • Women’s Just A Cut With Master B. Avery: $45
  • Women’s Shampoo, Conditioning, Cut, & Blowdry With Master B. Avery: $90+
  • Avery Curl Cut: $65
  • Men’s Just A Cut With Master Stylist: $40
  • Men’s Shampoo, Cut, & Style With Master Stylist: $50
  • Split End Treatment With Master Stylist: $99
  • Kid’s Cut For Girls (13 & Under): $38

Men's Barbering Services

Men’s barbering services are also high-end services. B. Avery Salon & Barbershop puts a lot of attention to detail into each men’s service. Whether that’s a men’s shave, beard trim, or anything else, our master team goes the extra mile. Get what you pay for and let us treat you like a king.

Beard Trim

Beard trims help you customize your beard. Our team trims beards with many textures and offers many styles. Whether you prefer your beard long or short, we’ll get it up to standard. Enjoy treating yourself a little at B. Avery Salon & Barbershop.


  • Beard Trim: $5
  • Beard Trim & Line-Up: $15
  • Cleanup: $15

Face Shave

Face shaves clean you up and give your face dimension. Here at B. Avery Salon & Barbershop, we provide a shave that feels smooth and luxurious. Whether you’re changing up your look or getting real-world ready, we have you covered. Enjoy our luxurious products and services.